Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NY Sports in Brief

I was reminded this past Sunday of a shortcoming when a friend of my son said, “Man Albert, you are brutally honest.” Yes, I try to tell the truth, and am trying even harder to do it in love. It is with this in mind that I am editing my next post regarding my family and friend’s complacency towards and acceptance of ignorance when today’s technology leaves absolutely no excuse. While you await the upcoming post, with great anticipation I am sure, here are a few quick thoughts about sporting news.

Pitching coach Dave Eiland will not be returning next season as pitching is scapegoated for the ALCS YANKEE loss. Girardi appears to be safe with Cashman saying both parties want to go forward together. I have respect for Cashman but regarding Eiland and Girardi I think he is dead wrong, and would have gone forward exactly the opposite direction.

My disappointment in the YANKEE loss to the Rangers in the ALCS was brief as I find solace in the 27 World Series Championships, and what is shaping up to be another New York Football GIANTS championship season.

The New York Football GIANTS manhandled the crygirls this past Monday night bringing their record to 5-2 as they go into their bye week. They have faced some tough opponents to date but the schedule really gets interesting after the bye as they face the crygirls at home and the Eagles and the Skins twice. These Division games are of paramount importance but the games at Seattle and Green Bay aren’t exactly unimportant or a surety either. Yes, that’s right … I didn’t even mention the Jaguars or the Vikings.

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