Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Reflections from the Deep South

Just because something is not politically correct does not mean it is not a belief, practiced or not. It might be politically incorrect to bring up racism, but believe me it is alive and well and can even be found within the church here in the deep south. Shortly after arriving in Arkansas from Arizona, I was privileged to preach in several small to medium sized congregations. I used the same line in sermons at each location; Please invite someone to service next week. It doesn't matter if they are black or white (shocked expressions could be seen throughout the all white congregations) male or female, gay or straight. (At one location a woman stood up and said, "If you bring a gay to MY church I won't be coming here any more and I won't bring my grandson either." - because all gays are pedophiles don'tcha know) I won't go into the events the morning a black woman came to service. Suffice it to say the reception was not a good reflection on Christ or the congregation. Yes, racism is alive and well in America.

If we were to be perfectly honest the problem is that America is still a very prejudice nation. Although it began around the time of the Federalists and Democratic-Republicans founded in the 1790s, the past eight years the 'we versus them' mentality was both nurtured and encouraged. Agree with me or you are 'un-American.' If your ideology opposes mine then you are a 'terrorist who will destroy my America' and are compared to Hitler. There is no respectful debate, only a twenty-four hour news cycle that promotes the basest of humanity in the name of ratings. Most people are sheep (sheeple) bleating the regurgitated pabulum they have been bottle fed from those who benefit most from multinational interests. Sheeple aren't even smart enough to use their brain for the most basic of functions let alone apply critical thinking skills. Motivated by fear they re-act rather then act, repeat rather than carefully consider, bleat, bleat, bleat ...

While it may not be politically correct to blame the blacks, Indians, Italians, or Mexicans, you can take all that savagery and irrational hatred, and apply it to the opposition party. (And, if you're Republican, you can get away with a LITTLE bit of racism, and claim it's only political. Simply justify your racism by saying, "I don't hate ALL Mexicans; just the illegals"… and it's not your fault if you can't tell the difference.) And just one more thing before I go on ... Fascists, Socialists and Communists are NOT the SAME!

Seeing as I am ranting ... For the "Pastor" of that baptist church in Tempe, Arizona, I pray for your salvation. If you have experienced the Christ event then I pray you let the Spirit of peace rule in your heart.