Friday, March 20, 2009

Baseball Pre-Season Has Begun

So here we go, another MLB pre-season is underway and my NY YANKEES look like this is the year of #27! I know it is early and there are many variables, anything can happen and some most likely will, but I am calling it; The NY YANKEES will win the World Series! I know what you are thinking, Albert said the same thing last year, and well, I didn’t ... not exactly anyway. During the off season the front office worked its magic filling the much needed pitching spots with nothing less than the very best, Sabathia and Burnett, and keeping Pettit at the back end of the rotation securing a spectacular season from the pitching staff. I know I didn’t mention Mo, but common’ does the greatest closer of all time need to be mentioned? As far as a few variables go, what kind of season will Wang have, and how many games will my hero and current favorite YANKEE Jorge Posada be able to catch? I hope most! Can Joba prove himself a starter? I think not. Will A. Rod get past the drama? Will Cano be consistent all season long? How will Teixeira handle the pressure cooker that is the New York market? Like Jeter I am not as fast as last year but I have hope, and I can see October.


I need to mention howbeit quickly that even though the NY football GIANTS have shored up the defense with the additions of Chris Canty, Rocky Bernard, and Michael Boley my thoughts and prayers are with the Buffalo Bills as they have picked up the leagues premiere problem child whom I won’t even name.

Sunday, March 8th, was the first Sunday I have missed since we began meeting in Blevins on January 6th, 2008. An argument could be made that I should have missed at least two other mornings but I pressed through. I appreciate all those who aware of my disability lifted me in prayer especially this past weekend. I have recently been approved for a program where Pfizer will send me one of my medications free of charge. The medication they send me would cost me just over $150 each month. For this and other programs that help people in need, I am truly grateful.

This week I am continuing my studies on tithing. It is my desire to see others free from all kinds of bondage. Pray from the Church of Hempstead County and me as we continue to search the scriptures for the truth about tithing.

Because I have been writing this for several weeks now and I have not added a post to my blog in way too long, I am cutting this short.

Check back next week for rants about the current administration, marijuana, and more.