Thursday, November 12, 2009


"Better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self." Cyril Conway

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Reflections from the Deep South

Just because something is not politically correct does not mean it is not a belief, practiced or not. It might be politically incorrect to bring up racism, but believe me it is alive and well and can even be found within the church here in the deep south. Shortly after arriving in Arkansas from Arizona, I was privileged to preach in several small to medium sized congregations. I used the same line in sermons at each location; Please invite someone to service next week. It doesn't matter if they are black or white (shocked expressions could be seen throughout the all white congregations) male or female, gay or straight. (At one location a woman stood up and said, "If you bring a gay to MY church I won't be coming here any more and I won't bring my grandson either." - because all gays are pedophiles don'tcha know) I won't go into the events the morning a black woman came to service. Suffice it to say the reception was not a good reflection on Christ or the congregation. Yes, racism is alive and well in America.

If we were to be perfectly honest the problem is that America is still a very prejudice nation. Although it began around the time of the Federalists and Democratic-Republicans founded in the 1790s, the past eight years the 'we versus them' mentality was both nurtured and encouraged. Agree with me or you are 'un-American.' If your ideology opposes mine then you are a 'terrorist who will destroy my America' and are compared to Hitler. There is no respectful debate, only a twenty-four hour news cycle that promotes the basest of humanity in the name of ratings. Most people are sheep (sheeple) bleating the regurgitated pabulum they have been bottle fed from those who benefit most from multinational interests. Sheeple aren't even smart enough to use their brain for the most basic of functions let alone apply critical thinking skills. Motivated by fear they re-act rather then act, repeat rather than carefully consider, bleat, bleat, bleat ...

While it may not be politically correct to blame the blacks, Indians, Italians, or Mexicans, you can take all that savagery and irrational hatred, and apply it to the opposition party. (And, if you're Republican, you can get away with a LITTLE bit of racism, and claim it's only political. Simply justify your racism by saying, "I don't hate ALL Mexicans; just the illegals"… and it's not your fault if you can't tell the difference.) And just one more thing before I go on ... Fascists, Socialists and Communists are NOT the SAME!

Seeing as I am ranting ... For the "Pastor" of that baptist church in Tempe, Arizona, I pray for your salvation. If you have experienced the Christ event then I pray you let the Spirit of peace rule in your heart.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sheeple ... Raise Your Eyes!

I once asked the question regarding how people would classify themselves and received various responses. Many said they were a Christian, a few said they were American. I had one friend say emphatically, 'I am an American first!' (His rant continued) I was secretly hoping he would say he is a human.
People have different perspectives which is why we must necessarily create an atmosphere that fosters the furtherance of understanding, carefully and deeply considering others point of view, taking away that which adds to our understanding. It is the overabundance of ignorance which increases imbalance and unfairness, grinding to a near halt much needed growth, both personally and communally. I wonder why it is that the one thing which is constant, the one thing we can count on to always be, we fight so hard against. The very word ‘growth’ implies change yet change is the one thing we fight hardest against. I bet you have heard people say, as I have emphatically, ‘I’m not going to change.’ I would also bet, as I’m sure you would, that these same people would not say, ‘I’m not going to grow.’ It matters little if you consider yourself an American or a human we must necessarily aggressively pursue progress.
Money is behind all the bleating in the world today. The uninformed opinion bleats its opposition to progress, regurgitating the pablum they have been fed as if it is Gospel. Common people, I urge you to exercise your grey matter and become informed.... Approach the subject at hand with as few presuppositions as you are able, and make well informed decisions. Together, we can positively effect growth and development for our families, our communities our nation, our planet!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Inerrancy; Baseball is Drawing to a Close as The NFL Season gets Underway;

I offer this statement in the spirit of God’s humility and grace, leaving open the possibility for further discussion that may arise from time to time as we continue to grow in the knowledge of God’s character and nature. In the matter of inerrancy and infallibility one must necessarily have knowledge of the terms definitions as well as an understanding of the differences in application as they pertain to biblical text. Inerrancy and infallibility must necessarily be both defined and separated. Inerrancy is understood simply as being without error. Infallibility means not liable to mislead or deceive, also trustworthy in that it is incapable of error in defining doctrines touching faith or morals. The authority of biblical text is at the center of our faith. We, who profess faith in Jesus as Savior and Lord, are called to a lifestyle of surrender and obedience to God, following Jesus by the power of the indwelling Spirit. Biblical text is not only a guide for defining our position as joint heirs with Jesus and a guide for behavior but also a revelation of the very character and nature of the Creator. The Spirit inspired the various authors but their personalities were neither overrode nor were their words chosen. This fact allows biblical text to be read with richer texture, color and greater depth. Allowing the human element into the text allows us to accept contradictions rather than try to explain them away. 1)'Manipulating biblical text in order to manufacture consistency or support the unbiblical doctrine of inerrancy only shows disrespect for both God and scripture.' In my opinion the understanding of biblical authority through the lens of infallibility as opposed to inerrancy is a sure foundation for any age.
The preceding comments come from the scholar in me, and the following come from the pastor. 2)'As the Spirit prospers our study we should trust and submit to all biblical teaching about Jesus, salvation, life and any other topic the text deals with. We should also constantly be working to fulfill our commitment to God as our grasp of biblical text grows. For us to live in Christ is more important than which words we use to explain biblical authority.'

It is 2:29CST and I am still rubbing my eyes in wonderment; The YANKEES have swept the RedSox ... yes, you read exactly what I typed, The NY YANKEES beat the RedSox like redheaded stepchildren over and over again. In fact, the YANKEES swept the series. The RedSox scored a run here and there but they didn't win a single game of this series. This has not happened for almost a quarter-century. The question I have been asked is are they peaking to early with just over fifty games remaining in the regular season. Peaking? Who said they are peaking. In my opinion they are merely beginning to build up a head of steam to take them to and through the playoffs to the World Series.

With the return of Osi Umenyiora, the intensity of the GIANTS D-Line has increased exponentially to unmeasurable limits. Manning is seeing and completing better than ever as long as he gets the ball from center. The regular season opener is 35 days away and this NY Football GIANTS fan has already stocked his fridge and cabinets with everything needed to enjoy each and every crack of the helmets and pads.

I'll save the 'On The Home Front' information 'til next time.

*Special thanks to 1)Kent Leslie and 2)Al Hearne for their ideas about the subject of inerrancy and infallibility.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some of y'all might not like it but ...

It has been so long that I am bursting at the seams! Except for the three little ones, everyone was around the television last night to watch the All-Star Game. If you missed it you missed a great game. It actually looked like the National League was finally going to win one. The final score was AL over the NL 4-3. How about those Yankees! Not only did Jeter get on base twice last night he scored both times. Both Jeter and Teixeira played solid defense and Mo shut the NL down in the bottom of the ninth. The season is half over and we are just 3 games out. Not too bad for a bunch of over the hill players (rofl).

The NY football GIANTS are to begin practice at Albany, Monday, August 3rd. This is their final contract year at the U so get out and support them. IF you remember, please do a couple of things for me while you are there. Chant OSI OSI OSI OSI (that’s pronounced oh-see for the uninitiated) and don’t forget to send me some pictures!

This past week and one more time we brought contemporary worship back to Hope! We led service at Hope Family Church and had a great time.

We will continue to worship as we have for over the past year, every Sunday morning in Blevins, The Church of Hempstead County meets at 10am, Knowing Christ and Building Christian Community, where contemporary worship in song and relevant, compelling biblically based messages are staples. Join with us whenever you’d like!

On a personal note: Summer is almost over and we are getting back in school mode. The kids are going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. We still have not found property to build our house on yet, but we know we will soon. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers especially regarding some acreage.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Baseball Pre-Season Has Begun

So here we go, another MLB pre-season is underway and my NY YANKEES look like this is the year of #27! I know it is early and there are many variables, anything can happen and some most likely will, but I am calling it; The NY YANKEES will win the World Series! I know what you are thinking, Albert said the same thing last year, and well, I didn’t ... not exactly anyway. During the off season the front office worked its magic filling the much needed pitching spots with nothing less than the very best, Sabathia and Burnett, and keeping Pettit at the back end of the rotation securing a spectacular season from the pitching staff. I know I didn’t mention Mo, but common’ does the greatest closer of all time need to be mentioned? As far as a few variables go, what kind of season will Wang have, and how many games will my hero and current favorite YANKEE Jorge Posada be able to catch? I hope most! Can Joba prove himself a starter? I think not. Will A. Rod get past the drama? Will Cano be consistent all season long? How will Teixeira handle the pressure cooker that is the New York market? Like Jeter I am not as fast as last year but I have hope, and I can see October.


I need to mention howbeit quickly that even though the NY football GIANTS have shored up the defense with the additions of Chris Canty, Rocky Bernard, and Michael Boley my thoughts and prayers are with the Buffalo Bills as they have picked up the leagues premiere problem child whom I won’t even name.

Sunday, March 8th, was the first Sunday I have missed since we began meeting in Blevins on January 6th, 2008. An argument could be made that I should have missed at least two other mornings but I pressed through. I appreciate all those who aware of my disability lifted me in prayer especially this past weekend. I have recently been approved for a program where Pfizer will send me one of my medications free of charge. The medication they send me would cost me just over $150 each month. For this and other programs that help people in need, I am truly grateful.

This week I am continuing my studies on tithing. It is my desire to see others free from all kinds of bondage. Pray from the Church of Hempstead County and me as we continue to search the scriptures for the truth about tithing.

Because I have been writing this for several weeks now and I have not added a post to my blog in way too long, I am cutting this short.

Check back next week for rants about the current administration, marijuana, and more.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let's Ketchup!

Hello everyone ...

I was going to open with hello friends and family, but let's face it, chances are you are not my friend and God knows my family won't read this they get enough of me in real life. I do hold out hope, however, that if you are reading this you will either become my friend, join my family, or at least get to know me better.

Let's Ketchup; I am still disappointed that my New York football GIANTS did not make it through the playoffs to the big show again this year. I eat sleep and breath the NFL and if you cut me I bleed GIANTS Blue so suffice it to say I am still on a respirator. Having lived many years in Tucson Arizona I was consoled howbeit to a small degree with the awesome play of former GIANT quarterback Kurt Warner. We had an awesome party, as we do every year, with twenty-three in attendance. We grilled steak and shrimp, and pan fried venison but my absolute favorite food was that which Jesus ate at the well near Samaria. (see John 4:31-36) Our neighbor James Z. has recently rededicated his life. His wife Kristy worshiped with us for the first time Sunday morning, and gave her heart to the Lord for the first and last time during halftime! Anthony, Vickie and my eight year old, has been in church all his eight years. He has prayed at the dinner table and read bible stories both alone and with us during family devotional times. He also for the first and last time gave his heart to the Lord!

As soon as the MLB gets underway I will be able to get back off the respirator out of bed and, yes you guessed it, back into my pinstripes! I have HUGE expectations for this season all the way through October! With the trades and acquisitions this off season the NY Yankees will most definitely get number 27! As the season gets underway I will share my memories of throwing papers before the sun was out in the winter snow to save money to go watch my hero Thurman Munson and all-time favorite outfielder Roy White play ball in the house that Ruth built!

Vickie and I went on our first date in a while, we really need to get back to a regular dating routine. Larry and Rosie W. and we went to see 'Taken' with Liam Neeson. WOW, if you get a chance to see this on the big screen you must! Vickie had a great alternate ending that I won't share as it will ruin the movie for you suffice it to say I am blessed to have Vickie as my wife. If you liked Bourne, go see Taken.

As far as The Church of Hempstead County in Blevins; We have been meeting for just over one year, beginning with prayer and worship in song on Sunday afternoons in January of 2008 and officially since August 10th of 2008 when we moved to morning services. The room is packed every Sunday for guitar driven worship in song, worshiping with the music of Third Day, Brandon Heath, Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, Aaron Shust, Brian Doerksen, and Jars of Clay to name a few.

Recenty as a group we watched "Fireproof" and four couples are beginging a forty day journey, along with Vickie and I, to enrich our marriages with "The Love Dare."

So there you have it ... we are up to date.

Look for me on Facebook ... and until next time ... May you experience more and more of God's grace and peace.

Pastor Albert Motta