Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sheeple ... Raise Your Eyes!

I once asked the question regarding how people would classify themselves and received various responses. Many said they were a Christian, a few said they were American. I had one friend say emphatically, 'I am an American first!' (His rant continued) I was secretly hoping he would say he is a human.
People have different perspectives which is why we must necessarily create an atmosphere that fosters the furtherance of understanding, carefully and deeply considering others point of view, taking away that which adds to our understanding. It is the overabundance of ignorance which increases imbalance and unfairness, grinding to a near halt much needed growth, both personally and communally. I wonder why it is that the one thing which is constant, the one thing we can count on to always be, we fight so hard against. The very word ‘growth’ implies change yet change is the one thing we fight hardest against. I bet you have heard people say, as I have emphatically, ‘I’m not going to change.’ I would also bet, as I’m sure you would, that these same people would not say, ‘I’m not going to grow.’ It matters little if you consider yourself an American or a human we must necessarily aggressively pursue progress.
Money is behind all the bleating in the world today. The uninformed opinion bleats its opposition to progress, regurgitating the pablum they have been fed as if it is Gospel. Common people, I urge you to exercise your grey matter and become informed.... Approach the subject at hand with as few presuppositions as you are able, and make well informed decisions. Together, we can positively effect growth and development for our families, our communities our nation, our planet!

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