Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let's Ketchup!

Hello everyone ...

I was going to open with hello friends and family, but let's face it, chances are you are not my friend and God knows my family won't read this they get enough of me in real life. I do hold out hope, however, that if you are reading this you will either become my friend, join my family, or at least get to know me better.

Let's Ketchup; I am still disappointed that my New York football GIANTS did not make it through the playoffs to the big show again this year. I eat sleep and breath the NFL and if you cut me I bleed GIANTS Blue so suffice it to say I am still on a respirator. Having lived many years in Tucson Arizona I was consoled howbeit to a small degree with the awesome play of former GIANT quarterback Kurt Warner. We had an awesome party, as we do every year, with twenty-three in attendance. We grilled steak and shrimp, and pan fried venison but my absolute favorite food was that which Jesus ate at the well near Samaria. (see John 4:31-36) Our neighbor James Z. has recently rededicated his life. His wife Kristy worshiped with us for the first time Sunday morning, and gave her heart to the Lord for the first and last time during halftime! Anthony, Vickie and my eight year old, has been in church all his eight years. He has prayed at the dinner table and read bible stories both alone and with us during family devotional times. He also for the first and last time gave his heart to the Lord!

As soon as the MLB gets underway I will be able to get back off the respirator out of bed and, yes you guessed it, back into my pinstripes! I have HUGE expectations for this season all the way through October! With the trades and acquisitions this off season the NY Yankees will most definitely get number 27! As the season gets underway I will share my memories of throwing papers before the sun was out in the winter snow to save money to go watch my hero Thurman Munson and all-time favorite outfielder Roy White play ball in the house that Ruth built!

Vickie and I went on our first date in a while, we really need to get back to a regular dating routine. Larry and Rosie W. and we went to see 'Taken' with Liam Neeson. WOW, if you get a chance to see this on the big screen you must! Vickie had a great alternate ending that I won't share as it will ruin the movie for you suffice it to say I am blessed to have Vickie as my wife. If you liked Bourne, go see Taken.

As far as The Church of Hempstead County in Blevins; We have been meeting for just over one year, beginning with prayer and worship in song on Sunday afternoons in January of 2008 and officially since August 10th of 2008 when we moved to morning services. The room is packed every Sunday for guitar driven worship in song, worshiping with the music of Third Day, Brandon Heath, Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, Aaron Shust, Brian Doerksen, and Jars of Clay to name a few.

Recenty as a group we watched "Fireproof" and four couples are beginging a forty day journey, along with Vickie and I, to enrich our marriages with "The Love Dare."

So there you have it ... we are up to date.

Look for me on Facebook ... and until next time ... May you experience more and more of God's grace and peace.

Pastor Albert Motta