Sunday, October 10, 2010

10-10-10 and Conflicted

Sunday, 10 / 10 / 10 finds me conflicted. Firstly, as a NY Football GIANTS fan I root against the Skins but they were playing the Pack and I am still plagued with the aftertaste from how they treated Favre. I know that is old news however, my memory is refreshed as now the Skins have McNabb who was treated similarly by the Eagles and I quietly root for McNabb’s success. Go Skins, beat the Pack … then go back to losing while McNabb has a record-breaking season. Secondly, and also as a NY Football GIANTS fan, I necessarily despise the crygirls. Today they play the dirtiest team in the NFL the Titans. I want everyone to beat the Titans because cheaters should not prosper however I can’t root for the crygirls. I am so conflicted.

Today will soon be over, and with a W in the result column of my GIANTS schedule the aforementioned conflicts may not be resolved but certainly put aside, as I look forward to Friday 10/15/10 and game one of the ALCS. GO YANKEES!

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