Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Pine Tree Festival 2014

David Hohenstein, John Sharp, Barbara Coleman, Vickie, Isaiah, V. Anthony and myself all enjoyed the parade and the park where joined by Ariel, Aurelio and Vickie's mom, Cathie Flores. We met great people, helped two Howard County residents register to vote and gave out swag to anyone who asked.

I photobombed Bruce Westerman and Justin Gonzales. Bruce seems like a nice enough guy. I wonder how he takes loss. One of his staffers mentioned Huckabee. I recalled an appearance on FOX when "Pastor" Mike Huckabee said, referring to Nevada's Sharon Angle, she told a lie but it was good politics. The Huckster still hasn't replied to my often repeated inquiry, When is lying good anything Pastor? (see Proverbs 12:22) 

It was difficult for me to understand  a Republican campaign manager who admitted his conservatism was a job. That's like a Christian who practices Sundays and Wednesday night.

Before leaving, Justin Gonzales stopped by to covet the Governor Mike Ross iPhone cover. Arkansas GOP should be proud of his hard work. I bet he'll get a few votes in D-4.

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