Sunday, January 24, 2010

The NFL Season is Drawing to a Close

Having had a excellent season of picks so far, if we do not look at my NY football GIANTS predictions – which may reveal an inability to remove my emotion regarding the greatest team in the NFL, and after last weeks 100% record I have been asked to pick again this week albeit a bit earlier and with greater depth.

Lets get right to it; Colts over the Jets and Vikings over the Saints

Here is a brief explanation:

As a NY Yankee fan I must necessarily hate the Mets. This is true for all Yankee fans. The NFL however, is hugely different than MLB. In the NFL, NY football GIANTS fans do not hate the Jets or the Bills unless playing each other. In many cases GIANTS fans actually root for the Jets and/or the Bills. Truth be told, I was a young Jets fan and wore a Namath (12) uniform much to my father’s dismay. And hating to admit it, I had NE Patriot bed sheets. That being said I will be rooting for the #1 ranked defense in the NFL today and for rookie Sanchez and expect great things although I do not believe they can beat Payton Manning. The freshly minted four time MVP has too much experience and will be seen in Florida come February. Manning, along with his toolbox filled with Wayne, Clark, Garcon, Addai, (if you need to read the entire roster check the Colts site) will put too many points on the board even against the Jets defense for the rookie Sanchez to match.

Now on to the late game:

Two words, Brett Favre. Nuff said. Sure Drew Brees is an elite quarterback, a freakishly accurate window passer who has proven himself this year. Today he will be sacked 3.5 times, hit and rushed each in the double digits. Yes, Allen, Williams2, Greenway, and Edwards will have their way with the Saints O-line today, even in the Superdome. I do not believe the 12th man will have much impact on today’s game at all.

That being said and knowing I do not have a dog in this fight we will be attending a Colts vs. Vikings Super Bowl party this February. As far as Eli and my NY football GIANTS ... the 2010 season begins on Monday, February 8th so enjoy these few weeks ‘off’ and we’ll see you then.

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